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Organic raisins is the specialty of this country. They also supply a good quality raisin for chocolate coating and other uses.
Raisin Varieties: Thompsons, Flames, and Organic raisins
Other products: Prunes

The largest producer of Thompson raisins in the world, California is a significant source for top quality raisins of many varieties.
Raisin Varieties: Thompsons, Flames, Goldens, and Currants

The grapes in Chile are grown primarily for the table grape market resulting in very large, sweet raisins. Chile is famous for the Flame Jumbo raisin, perhaps the best eating raisin in the world, as well as high quality Thompson, Golden, Crimson raisins.
Raisin Varieties: Thompsons, Flames, Goldens, and Crimsons
Other products: Prunes

Primary source of currants in the world.
Raisin Varieties: Black Currants

Here is a very hot and dry area that makes a good free flowing raisin for chocolate coating, bagels, bakeries and trail mixes.
Raisin Varieties: Thompsons, Flames

This region is known for very warm dry weather, and the winds that sweep through the Orange River valley result in high quality golden raisins. In contrast to other regions of the world, most of the grapes are grown specifically for raisins resulting in a very consistent Medium / Select size.
Raisin Varieties: Golden, Sultana, Thompson, Currants, and Flame